⍩᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉a jouney of a thousand miles begins with a single query⍩᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉᷉



Welcome to the compilation album of the first terabyte of work created in the last decade, including the best hits on top international charts for clients such as Nike, Tokyobike, MINI and Maki-San. Projects ranging from live guerrilla gigs by the Tokyobike Carol Robots or a customisable animated music video from Maki-San, Singapore’s first customisable maki sushi restaurant, or an interactive booth where you navigate through contents by controlling a physical football to an anti anti-social app for a cafe. Do check out the critically acclaimed Kinetic website which is a fanzine that reflects what the agency does daily. Each page represents a story, blending in history, philosophy and favourite lunch dishes in one frenzied publication.

Jack works from his underground studio, Fetish Lab. He recently released a side project about the strangest lottery number generator and is currently recording a heavy metal album titled Heavy Mental, an app where one could resurrect the brain with mad maths and eclectic exercises. Prior to Fetish Lab, he has played in various bands including Wieden+Kennedy and Kinetic. Go to the discography section if you have the appetite for even more audacious work as well as not so best projects. You can stalk him here.




Resurrect your brain cells with mad maths and eclectic exercises! Here's the app that might be able to do just that. Coming soon to the app store.


Tokyobikes, hacked and modded with bells with an array of different sounds, carol harmoniously to surprise Christmas revellers. View video here.





ToToToday is the world's strangest lottery number generator. Today could be your lucky day.



Finally. A back-to-basics app that helps you disconnect from the virtual world and connect with family and friends. By simply getting you off your smartphone.View video here.



Kinetic's website is a fanzine - a smorgasbord of macabre pseudo-science. We blur the lines between fact and fiction - reflecting what the agency does daily. Each page also tells a story, blending in our history, philosophy and favourite lunch dishes in one frenzied publication. Find out more




Maki-San is Singapore’s first ever fully customisable sushi store. Being offered a wide selection of fresh ingredients, diners can pick and choose precisely what goes into their Maki.

To make the customisation angle fun, we designed an interactive and quirky “Maki customiser”. Users could pick their own ingredients to make a musical animation which could then be sent to friends and family. No two animations are quite the same, just like how every Maki roll is so unique.
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Nike Game On World

At the height of the Olympics season, Nike set out to super-charge the local running community. Athletes could take part in various Nike+ Challenges at a guerilla store set in Peranakan Place, one of which was to compete in the total miles ran within the South East Asia region. There were synced treadmills that were hard-wired with animations which changed based on runners’ speed. The multiple stations allowed for instantaneous Nike+ product demonstration and engagement. Find out more





An animation contributed to the "Bank of Kinetic" - Part of Singapore Tourism Board's Singapore: Inside Out exhibition. View video here.




Nike Game On World

In-store interactive experience for the launch of Nike CTR360 football boots. A product that thrives on precision control. Find out more



Nike Game On World

Favourite Website Awards (FWA) launched FWAwebTV to feature creative agencies live, once a week for one hour. This one-hour window gave agencies free play. Some showcased their work and workplace. Kinetic championed a charity to raise funds for the needy. An online auction BYE BUY ME was created for The Salvation Army. Up for bidding via Twitter were donated items from the Salvation Army's thrift store which have parted ways with their previous owners. Items ranged from the whimsical to the novel. Find out more



Nike Game On World

Website for the W+K Shanghai office where the people takes centre stage as the face of the agency. Find out more






Fetish Lab
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